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Resin bound driveways in Kent

At Adora Landscapes, we specialise in laying quality resin driveways that can transform your home and day-to-day life. A new driveway is one of the most popular home improvement projects in the UK – it will lift the appearance of your home, improve access and make it easier to park. If you are considering a new driveway, then resin-bound should be top of your list to consider. Resin produces a high-end finish, yet it is deceptively strong. Driveways that have been correctly installed and properly maintained can easily last for 20 years or more. We can also offer aftercare and annual cleaning plans to support this.

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What exactly is a resin bound drive?

Resin-bound driveways are made up of gravel and stone aggregates, which are then bound together using resin. The resin is clear, holding the aggregates firmly in place to give the appearance of a gravel driveway, without the inconvenience and mess of loose stones.


We only use premium UV resins,
which are the highest quality in the industry.

  • They will not discolour over time, maintaining a transparent finish that shows the beauty of the natural stone.
  • The resin is hand trowelled for a smooth and seamless finish.
  • The resin is mixed on site and the additives are added so it cures at the right time.
  • Stone aggregates are available from 1-6mm.


Resin-bound driveways are permeable, which is one of their key advantages.
This means:

  • Standing water does not form, as it is able to drain away.
  • Resin is not prone to shrinkage and warping from standing water.
  • Driveways are fully compliant with government regulations for sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

We apply an 18mm resin aggregate mix, which makes the surface strong and easily able to accommodate vehicles. This consists of the aggregate, porous asphalt and premium MOT granite. Small stones and sand are used to strengthen the mix.

Tarmac or concrete overlay using resin

If you already have a tarmac or concrete driveway, we can give it a professional clean and overlay with resin-bound products from as little as £60 per square metre. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to transform your driveway, and it’s convenient as well, in most cases taking less than a day to complete.

Resin bound or resin bonded?

Resin-bound and resin bonded sound similar,
but are two very different things.

Resin bound driveways:

completely porous and SuDS compliant with a smooth finish.

Resin bonded driveways:

a non-porous scatter system with a rough finish.

We only lay resin-bound driveways, giving you a better quality product and more value for money. There are no loose stones to worry about and the installation will last for years to come.

SuDS-compliant driveways

SuDS stands for Sustainable Drainage Standards and it is a set of government regulations outlining ways to manage draining responsibly and safely. This helps to reduce flooding and create a safer environment. All our resin-bound driveways are fully SuDS compliant, meaning your drive will meet with government guidelines. It will be safe, free from excess water and environmentally friendly.


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Why choose a resin bound driveway?

Resin-bound driveways will last for years without any kind of deterioration. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The finish is stunning. Choose from a range of premium resin blends to modernise your property.
  • Resin is strong and durable. It is installed on tarmac, which isn’t going to crack, bend or dip.
  • Resin doesn’t warp or change shape. It isn’t affected by water, the sun, frost, or other UK weather.
  • There’s no standing water. This is because resin is fully porous.
  • It lasts for years. Resin drives can easily last 20 years or more.

Why choose Adora Landscapes?

At Adora Landscapes, we have a team committed to providing the highest quality products and the highest quality service. These are some of the reasons why our customers choose us to install their resin-bound driveways:

  • We create our own resin blends. This means we are fully in control of the quality.
  • Our pricing is transparent and inclusive. There are no hidden charges for you.
  • We offer maintenance packages. Keep your drive looking good with power washing and cleaning
  • The team can help and advise. We make sure you choose the right products to meet your needs.
  • We work around you. We minimise any inconvenience by working around your schedule.

What happens when you get in touch about a resin bound driveway?

We will arrange your free consultation appointment. We use this to see your property for ourselves, and to really understand what you want. If you have an existing tarmac driveway, we may be able to install resin over the top.

  • You will receive a full written quote. Quotes come through online within 3 days.
  • We book a product review meeting. We will discuss all your options.
  • We book in a convenient time. If you choose to go ahead, we schedule in a time to lay your driveway.
  • Enjoy your new driveway! It comes fully guaranteed for your peace of mind.

Why choose a new driveway?

Driveways are the perfect way to improve your home – and they are one of the least disruptive ways as well, because we will be working outside. Driveways are important features of a house and having the right kind to complement your property is important. A quality driveway made from a premium material like resin can add value to a property and help it to sell in future.

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